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Investing in solar power for your business have never been more attractive.

Today, more and more businesses are installing solar PV to combat rising electricity costs and to reduce carbon emissions. Whether deployed as part of a cost minimisation strategy, as a capital value add for the property owner or as part of a strategic sustainability program, commercial solar systems are helping a wide range of Australian businesses.


With Nearly 200 businesses installed to date, Solar Panel Options has years of experience designing systems for and commercial buildings. We assess every site and advise on the best solution based on individual technological and financial requirements.


“Commercial Solar has always been a viable choice for businesses to minimise costs and as a capital value add, however in the last year we have seen reductions in system and installation costs and an increase in commercial energy tariffs which means businesses are able to receive an unprecedented higher than ever return on their investment.” – Daniel Callegari   Director Solar Panel Options 


Solar Panel Options will always design and recommend a solution that provides maximum return on your investment.


We can achieve this due to a number of factors including:

  • Solar panel options conducts the installation and does not use contractors thus reducing installation costs
  • Has competitive and flexible funding / finance options available for businesses, including a rent – to – own option with no upfront investment
  • Can tailor make a system that is going to suit your business and its electricity usage patterns and position the solar panels to work more efficiently
  • Providing you with a financial analysis


Choose Solar Panel Options for your Commercial solar project and have the peace of mind that you are partnering with a leading engineering company that specializes in lowering inefficiencies and offers unparalleled customer service and on-going support including maintenance plans for your business at a competitive price.


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