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Electricity companies and distribution companies are causing skyrocketing electricity rates and you will have no choice but to pay more year by year. As energy prices continue to rise, so will your utility bill with the resulting negative impact in your cost of living.


You can take control of your electric bill and increase your energy independence. Stop paying rent. It’s time to own your power and protect yourself from rising rates.


Investing in solar gives you the power to reverse this situation. Today, it’s your turn to regain control of your energy costs by installing solar for your home. Together with the current legislation on renewable energies, it will allow you to maximise your income. You will be protecting your family against rising costs.


Solar power for homes is the best way to reduce or totally eliminate household electricity bills. The size of the solar system you purchase will ultimately determine how much money you can save and/or earn through feed-in tariffs.


At Solar Panel Options our expert staff can help you choose the right solar panel products for your specific needs. We understand every customer different energy needs and that’s why we offer tailor made solar panel solutions. Solar Panel Options will build your customized solar panel system using top quality products with lifetime warranty and professionally install your new solar power system. We pride ourselves on personalized service, and that’s why we provide face-to-face consultations to determine your power requirements and the right solar system for you and your family.


Solar systems are often described in terms of the amount of power they are capable of producing in a given instant (measured in watts or kilowatts). The most important factor to take into account when comparing residential solar systems, however, is the amount of actual electricity the system is expected to generate during its lifetime (measured in kilowatt-hours). We always recommend the right products that are backed with Industry leading warranties for your home that will ensure your solar system is performing for years to come.


In Addition to helping you select the right Solar system for your home we want to make sure that you’re satisfied with your solar panel system, that’s why we offer unrivalled after sales support to all our customers. If you need help or have questions about your new solar panel system, call us any time and one of our friendly expert staff will assist you.


Solar Panel Options offer real value for money at affordable prices for all your solar panel products and installation.