The Little Big Dairy Co

Dubbo, NSW

Solar Panel Options expanded our operations to Central New South Wales in mid-2017. Our first client in the region was The Little Big Dairy Co, a unique award-winning dairy business who farms their own milk then creates quality products on-site. Each year, The Little Big Dairy Co produces 8 million litres of milk.

The style of production the The Little Big Dairy Co allows owners the Chesworth family to balance farming and processing, letting them carefully control their single-source product. This in turn assures the quality associated with their name.

Like most dairy farmers, Steve and Erika were concerned about rising electricity costs. The choice to go solar was clear, but they wanted to better understand what solar would really do for them and how it would specifically reduce consumption from the grid. Solar Panel Options Senior Consultant Ashley Formosa visited Steve and Erika at the farm, explaining things clearly and giving them the confidence to progress with an installation.

The pumps used to grow the crops to feed the cows, the bottling and processing shed and the milking shed all consumed significant power. In October 2017, The Chesworths opted to install a 30kW system on the processing shed and another 70kW pump. Impressed, they decided to continue to push towards being more self-sufficient and had a further 100kW and 75kW system installed – this time for power consumption in the milking shed – as well as another pump. In total, the property now has 1001 panels fitted for a total of 275kWs. As a result of generating their own electricity, they are now saving money each day.

The central NSW region and the dairy industry is continuing to face its own struggles, but the Chesworths are at least now able to reduce the high prices attached to electricity costs. Hopefully, we will be installing another pumping site system for them soon.

Please support our farmers by buying good-quality milk.

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