Solar Rebates

The Victorian Government will help Victorian households cut their electricity bills through the Solar Homes Package Scheme which will be delivered by the newly established Solar Victoria.

Eligible households can claim a rebate up to $2,225 on the cost of a solar PV system.

The VIC State government will also provide half price solar home batteries for 10,000 Victorian households that already have solar panels to help them save even more on their electricity bills. Eligible homeowners will be able to save up to $4,838 on installation of a home battery storage unit.

Households will only be eligible for one rebate under the Solar Homes Package.

Solar Victoria 2019/20 Program

  • Solar rebate program re-opened 1 July 2019. Battery rebate program began 1 July 2019.
  • 40,000 homeowners to be supported in 2019-20.
  • ~3,333 rebates to be released each month in 2019-20.
  • 1,000 battery system rebates will be available for homeowners in 2019-20.
  • Delivering energy savings for Victorians on fixed, low and medium incomes.
  • Promoting the need for long-lasting quality products, increased service and installation standards across industry.
  • Monitoring industry through safety inspections at the time of installation and after.
  • Creating jobs and delivering environmental benefits for all Victorians.
  • Long-term focus on building the industry and getting better quality equipment into the market.
  • 70,000 Victorian homes expected to take part over 10 years:
    • Solar PV for 650,000 homes
    • Battery systems for 10,000 homes
  • Electricity bill savings of up to $890 per year for a typical household; and
  • Carbon emissions reduction of more than 4 million tonnes annually once the program is fully rolled out in 2028

Am I eligible?

Victorian households are eligible to receive a rebate for installing a solar PV system if they meet the following criteria:

  • they are the owner-occupier of the property 
  • the owners have a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 per year (based on last year’s Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment)
  • it is an existing property, valued at under $3 million
  • they do not have an existing solar PV system*

Once you’re confident that your property fits the eligibility criteria, you should start researching solar retailers who are authorised to participate in the Program and can meet your energy needs.

* Early adopters who installed their system prior to 1 November 2009 are eligible to replace or expand their existing system. However, those receiving the Premium Feed-in Tariff should consider whether they will be better off if they replace their existing system. 

Solar battery rebate

These rebates will be available to people in designated suburbs who have already installed solar panels, but have not already accessed a solar rebate. Last year, they promised that the battery program will be available in growth areas where there are already a large number of homes with solar panels. 

The criteria for Victorian households are eligible to receive a battery rebate under the Program if the property:

  • Must be a growth suburb
  • At least 10 per cent of homes in the suburb must have solar panels
  • Must have live in an area where the electricity grid can cope with the additional power the battery will provide

Based on this criteria, they have identified the following postcodes for the initial phase of the program. 

Installing a battery can help a typical household save up to $640 a year. 

You can download a PDF map of areas that are eligible for a Solar Homes battery

Eligibility Criteria

Victorian households are eligible to receive a battery rebate under the Program if the property:

  • owner-occupiers have a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 per annum (based on any of last two years’ Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment)
  • is an existing property, valued at under $3 million;
  • sits within a targeted postcode, as identified by Solar Victoria;
  • already has solar PV panels installed with a capacity equal to or greater than 5kW;
  • agrees to install an energy storage solution listed on Solar Victoria’s Approved Battery List;
  • does not have an existing energy storage system;
  • the property address has had no previous participation in the Solar Homes Program;
  • is willing to receive information from their Distribution Network Service Provider about participating in battery trials to maximise the value households get from their battery; and
  • agrees to receive a free safety inspection and/or audit under the Solar Victoria Audit Program if selected.

Download the Solar Panel Rebate fact sheet.

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