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Explore the availability of any Local, State, & Federal Government grants, incentives or in-kind support for energy upgrades & improvements.

Part of our on-farm assessment, Solar Panel Options will explore the potential opportunity to unlock any available Government funding or programs. Our team has a strong network and great relationships with enterprises that work in close consultation with local, State and Federal Governments.

Analysing on-farm, if your business is on the correct energy tariff & rates along with wholesale energy brokering & bulk energy buying.

As most people are aware, power retailers are not always our best friend. With no middleman, we can drive deeper and see if your business is set up on the right metering system, tariff and energy rates. We also have the network to tender your business energy needs to the major retailers. We will secure the most competitive offer for your business concerning price and contract terms. With volatility in the energy market space, we also submit your tender at the best time to maximise savings.

Interval data power data analysis which we will provide recommendations that can help reduce your business energy expenditure.

There are many different options when it comes to products that can help reduce your businesses energy consumption. In recent times we are seeing very strong uptake from Aussie farmers using products such as solar power, power factor correction, wind turbine, thermal storage, etc.

Sometimes these products are not always the best fit. Solar Panel Options will provide an on-farm analyse using your interval data to see if there is a potential to secure further energy reductions.

Flexible funding options for innovative environmental projects That can be financed via your local rates system which is tied to your land property. NOT the business or the individual.

If your business wants to achieve an environmental building upgrade, Solar Panel Options will assess whether you may have access to government enabled finance. Environmental Upgrade Finance is a fixed rate, long term loan that gives you access to the capital you need to unlock savings and make your building more sustainable. This type of finance is available via selected councils throughout Australia.

  • Loans tied to the building and not the owner

  • No capital or security needed

  • Repayments collected via your local Council

  • 100% finance with terms between 5 to 20 years.

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