Why Solar Panel Options

Custom design and installation.

We design and install tailored solar systems to suit your household or commercial energy needs. We won’t sell you a system with more ‘bells and whistles’ than you really need.

10+ years of electrical experience.

Our qualified, highly experienced, long-term staff help make the transition to solar easy.

5000+ solar panel systems installed.

Your solar installation is in highly skilled, expert hands. We install all systems ourselves to ensure adherence to our own stringent quality standards as well as all required Australian standards and guidelines.

Only the best-quality electrical components.

We build systems to a superior standard to ensure excellent performance and genuine, long-term value.

25-year performance warranty.

You can expect panels designed and installed by Solar Panel Options to last up to 25 years under normal conditions.

Lifetime warranty on installation and build.

Our quality products and professional skill mean your solar system is built to last.

Design, installation, paperwork and after-sales support.

We take care of everything to ensure a seamless switch to solar energy, and our customer service and after-sales support is unparalleled.

To speak with one of our solar specialists, call 1800 6 SOLAR.

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