Residential Solar

Regain control of your energy costs by installing solar for your home.

As energy prices continue to rise, so too, unfortunately, do our utility bills. By investing in solar power, you can reduce or totally eliminate household electricity bills.

We care that your system provides you genuine value for years to come.

Residential solar systems are often described in terms of how much power they produce in a given instant, but actually the most important factor is the amount of power they are expected to generate over their lifetime.

Because we care that your system provides you long-term value, we’ll tell you things like this. We’ll also do a face-to-face consultation and be honest about what we think is the right solar system for you, your budget, your family and your home.

We’re in it for the long haul.

As well as helping you choose the right solar system for your home then professionally installing it ourselves, we want to make sure you stay happy. That’s why we’ll only recommend quality products backed by industry-leading warranties that we trust will provide you genuine value throughout the years.

And if you ever need help or have questions about your solar panel system, we’ll be here to answer your call.

To speak with one of our residential solar specialists, call 1800 6 SOLAR.

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