Werribee Automotive Group

The Werribee Automotive Group has been in business in Melbourne’s west for more than 20 years. They have multiple dealerships including sites for Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda, and Mitsubishi, and were referred to us by our valued client and North Melbourne footballer, Corey McKernan.

Car dealerships are generally great candidates for solar, and Werribee Automotive was no exception. We dealt closely with the group’s HR Manager, Gustav Roos, who oversaw the project and acquisition of the solar system. The group wanted to try a smaller system first, to be able to see how well solar would work for them before considering other sites.

In January 2018, we installed a 40kW system at their Mitsubishi dealership in Hoppers Crossing. The 122 panels installed were split to face both north and west, and all used tilt frames due to the flat roof space. Gustav was impressed with the results, and in October that same year, engaged us to install two larger systems at two new premium dealership sites, Western Highway Honda and Western Nissan. This time, we installed 608 panels across the two sites, also facing north and north west with tilt frames used on a few arrays.

In just over a year and a half, Werribee Automotive has saved over $70,000 across the three systems, and we continue to be in touch with Gustav to ensure the group’s satisfaction with the systems and their performance.

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