American Hotel

Echuca, VIC

In July 2018, we installed a solar system on another hotel in Echuca – this time, for the American Hotel. Opened in 1865, the American Hotel is one of the top restaurants in Echuca and a popular spot for residents. It was thoroughly redeveloped and reopened in 2013 by owner Dean Oberin and his family, with the building being transformed into a modern, eye-catching architectural feature.

We had dealt with Dean prior to this installation due to needing his approval as landlord for installation at the adjacent Neribo Motel. Like many clients, new customers like Dean are often interested in our services after seeing our other installations in the local area.

The American Hotel did not have a perfect roof for solar, with Dean needing at least a 100kW system for the hotel’s large electricity consumption, but only 25kW being able to fit. Nevertheless, the 73 panels so far installed on the American Hotel’s roof have still saved them over $7,000 in their first year, so the return on investment has still been quite rapid.

Dean is now considering the potential idea of extending the hotel’s roof at the rear to cover the entire car park, thus allowing us to install a much bigger solar system. We look forward to being of assistance again to Dean, his family and the iconic American Hotel.

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