Christie Dairy Farm

In July 2016, we met Dave and Katrina Christie, who own and operate a dairy farm at Fairy Dell in northern Victoria.

Dairy farmers are heavy users of electricity due to their milk-production process. However, not every dairy farmer operates at the same time of day, and a large portion of their power consumption can occur outside daylight hours. When working with dairy farmers, you have to consider this so as to ensure the solar will actually be of benefit.

After completing our analysis of Dave and Katrina’s consumption and usage patterns, we suggested that they needed a 35kW solar system. This would comprise 140 solar panels mounted to the dairy shed and facing west towards the afternoon sun.

This installation has allowed Dave and Katrina to drastically reduce their afternoon milking costs. To date, the system has generated 168,000 kWh, saving the Christies approximately $30,000 – $40,000 over the past three years.

Dave is overjoyed with the system’s performance and has re-engaged Solar Panel Options Senior Consultant Ashley Formosa on getting a new secondary system. The new system would allow the farm to heat its hot water during the day using solar power, rather than pay for electricity all through the night. Ashley has also helped the Christies with sourcing better deals with electricity retailers.

We are looking forward to installing the new system for Dave and Katrina.

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