Grizzly Engineering

We first spoke to Kurt Poltrock in early 2018. He and his brother Skye own and operate Grizzly Engineering in Swan Hill, which specialises in manufacturing farming machinery with a focus on the production of world-class disc ploughs. Kurt had recently received an electricity bill of close to $10,000 for the month over two different sheds and obviously felt a bit frustrated with continuing to pay such costs.

Grizzly Engineering used almost all their power during the day and initially we were more concerned in addressing their main shed, which required at least a 100kW system. Since their secondary shed was on a separate land title, the Poltrocks were able to double their government grant and get a big help with funds aimed at reducing their need for grid electricity. They chose to go ahead with two separate 100kW systems installed in mid-2018. All 608 panels face north to get the most prolonged regular power production during their business hours.

Kurt and Skye saved approximately $70,000 in their first year alone when combining the savings from both systems. They are both ecstatic with the results and have dealt with our Senior Consultant, Steve Stokes, for further consultation in getting the most out of their system and retaining the best purchase price for grid power.

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