Gazebo Holdings

Gazebo Holdings is a leading roofing manufacturer in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. The site consists of a large warehouse and an air-conditioned office space.

As part of Gazebo's ongoing drive towards net-zero carbon, we installed a new roof-mounted PV system to cover the base electrical load of the building. Photovoltaic modules were installed with a lightweight tilt kit on a tin roof roof facing north.

The 15kWh Roof Mounted PV System, which comprises sixty 250Wp crystalline PV modules, is expected to generate approximately 21,900 kWh per annum, making a significant contribution to reducing the building’s electricity consumption.

Installed in conjunction with an ABB 15.0-3-M 3 phase 15 kW dual tracker grid connect inverter, the system benefits from a combined panel 25-year total system guarantee and a Solar Panel Options 5-year total workmanship guarantee, with periodic maintenance checks to ensure the system is always running at its optimal level.

As Managing Director Glen Mealmaker says, “We have been delighted with the result. The system has helped us reduce our carbon footprint and has delivered significant energy cost savings of around $8,000 per year.”

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