Murray Haven Homes

Aged-care facilities provide an essential service to the elderly community of Australia. The nature of their operations tends to work well with solar, as most power is consumed during the day. One aged-care service provider that we have worked with is Murray Haven Homes, a not-for-profit facility managed by a community Board of Management and executive management team. The facility has recently undergone a 20-unit extension.

We originally contacted Murray Haven Homes in early 2018, but at that point, it wasn’t the right time for the business to progress with a solar system purchase. However, when we got in contact with the facility again in early 2019 through their new Business Manager Gary Kairn, the time was right. Gary was a pleasure to deal with and his enthusiastic approach to solar saw us installing an 84kW system in May 2019.

The 255-panel system we installed has already started to reduce Murray Haven Homes’ costs. With estimated ongoing future savings of approximately $2,000 per month, Gary is looking forward to seeing what the system can achieve through spring and summer in particular.

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