Pumpa Manufacturing

Pumpa Manufacturing in Swan Hill builds truck trailers and farming equipment. Previously known as Pumpa Engineering, they have been producing a high-quality product for the last 30 years. Jason King is the co-owner and operator of the business.

Towards the end of 2018, we contacted Jason and found that his electricity bills cost close to $20,000 per quarter. Pumpa Manufacturing lease their premises, but their landlord agreed to them upgrading the site to include solar on the roof space.

100kW was chosen as a good starting point, because staying with the limits of small-scale system sizing allowed them to use existing government grants and receive all money immediately. The alternative would have been to proceed to 101kW and above and not only receive the rebate over a 15-year period, but also face the potential that the government changes the initiatives.

Our installers fitted 152 panels on each side of Pumpa Manufacturing’s roof to face east and west to suit the early morning and afternoon energy consumption at the business. Our sales representative Steve also managed to save the business money prior to getting any solar installed by suggesting a move to a new electrical retailer.

The first bill Jason received after the solar installation was reduced by around $4,000, and he couldn’t be more thrilled with the choice to install solar.

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