Southern Banks Piggery

Glen Southern is a pig farmer from Torrumbarry in northern Victoria, whom we met in 2017. The pork industry has faced its own pressures in recent years, with declining pork prices and increased importation meaning farmers are feeling the pressure. When we offered Glen a solution to his huge electricity consumption costs and combined that with a leasing agreement requiring no up-front cost, it made financial sense to him.

Pig farmers also understandably take biosecurity – and in particular, the precautionary measures needed to avoid the spread or creation of disease in their stock – very seriously, so Glen appreciated that Solar Panel Options had the experience in the sector that meant we were aware of the risks and how to avoid them.

Another challenge of working in this sector is roof space, because pigs produce methane which, in combination with other ingredients, corrodes galvanised roofing and sometimes solar panels. So, it was an easy choice in Glen’s case to opt for multiple ground-mount system arrays that face north, east and west.

Since installation in May 2017, the 308 panels have generated over 260,000 kWh, saving the business $50,000 – $60,000 and significantly reducing their reliance on local grid power.

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