Rayner’s Orchard

Farming families are a massive part of our commercial solar client base. Australia’s farms are also a large part of the country’s economy and more importantly, they are run by the people that help put food in the shops and on our plates.

The Rayner family, whose fruit orchard is located at Woori Yallock just a little east of Melbourne, is another of the generational farming families that feed Australia. They have been farming since the late 1970s and are now also visited by the public and groups to experience everything from picking fruit-picking to bottling their product. They also have a function space, café and nursery, as well as potential accommodation coming soon.

In 2017, we began talks with Cameron Rayner, who had already begun exploring solar and had several quotes prior to seeing Solar Panel Options. The Rayner’s electricity costs were around $6,000 per quarter, with most of the usage being drawn to power two big cool rooms and two pumps.

For many farming families, it can be hard to make profits in the current climate, so when it comes to investing in solar, the business needs to feel confident. When the time was right though, Cameron didn’t hesitate to contact us as his preferred installer, and in June 2019, we installed 131 panels for the Rayner family. Now Cameron and his family can look forward to saving approximately $1,000 per month on their electricity costs.

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